Travel ID In Phoenix

Many people love to travel the country and the world. If you are new to traveling and/or flying or would like some added tips, this one is for you. This year you need these top flying tips, especially with your new travel ID in Phoenix.

Get Your Travel ID Now

The biggest mistake you can make this year is not getting your new Travel ID in Phoenix. By October 2020, you will be required to provide this specific identification to travel in the sky if you are an Arizona resident. This is called the Travel ID, Real ID or Voluntary Travel ID.

Most travelers are becoming aware that they need a Travel ID now to get on a plane. The problem is that you need an appointment at the MVD and the lines are getting very long.

The good news is that you can easily skip that line and get your Travel ID in a snap at our 3rd Party MVD Motor Vehicle Services! Just visit a 1 Stop location. The hours of operation are longer, with some availability on the weekends.

The following locations can help you with your new Travel ID:

5036 W Cactus Rd in Glendale

940 N Alma School Rd in Chandler

4385 W Bell Rd in Glendale

1501 N. 16th St in Phoenix

11435 W. Buckeye Rd in Avondale

833 N. Cooper Rd in Gilbert

3655 W Anthem Way in Anthem

Be sure to bring the proper documentation with you for your new Travel ID in Phoenix. Here is a list to make sure you are covered:

1 of the following proof of identity:

Original Birth Certificate
Current US Passport or Passport Card
AND 1 of the following proof of social security:

Social Security Card
W-2 form
1099 Form
Paycheck stub
AND 2 other documents proving Arizona residency

Utility bills
Bank/credit card settlement
Insurance policy
Current Arizona license or registration with current address, etc.

3-1-1 Rule

You would think we would all understand the 3-1-1 liquid rule at the airport, but it remains to be seen that bottles are dumped and liquids are trashed every minute of every day. So here’s a refresher before you hop in line at the TSA security checkpoint:

3: You may only travel with containers 3.4 oz or smaller.
1: All containers must be in one, clear quart-size bag.
1: Each traveler may only have one bag.

What About Flying With Medication?

Many people need to travel with medication but wonder how to do it. Here are a few helpful pointers to make traveling with medications easy peasy:

As long as it is screened, you can have pills or solid form medications in unlimited amounts.
Your medication can either be stored in your checked luggage or carry-on bag. It is recommended to carry it with you in your carry-on, so it does not get lost or should you need immediate access.
You are not required to have your prescription bottles. However, states have individual laws regarding the labeling of prescription medication with which you need to comply.

Make It A Smooth Move

Flying always requires going through the TSA airport security checkpoint. To make it a smooth move through the lines, follow these simple steps:

Wear slip-on shoes or sandals (you probably want to wear socks though). Unless you are prescreened, over 75 or are a child, those shoes are coming off.
Empty your pockets prior to jumping in line or at least before you get to the scanner. You might be surprised at what you have forgotten you put in them.
Drink your water, throw away your bottles of liquids that exceed the 3-1-1 rule.
If you have your hands full with kids, strollers, and luggage, ask for assistance.
Remove all electronics from your carry-on and anything larger than a cell phone needs to have its own bin.
Be patient. The lines will likely be long, so take your time and be kind to others.
Don’t forget to collect your belongings afterward. People often forget their change. While you wouldn’t think the forgotten pennies add up to much, in 2017 passengers left behind a total of $869,000! Now that is no chump change.

Ready To Board!

Once you are through the security checkpoint, you are finally ready to board your plane. At this point, you can grab a meal, enjoy all the liquids you desire and bring them on the plane should you need to.

Bottom Line

Before stepping foot in an airport in 2020, you should head over to 1 Stop Title Loans to grab your new Travel ID. You do not want any delays or hassles flying this year. The rest of the story is up to you!