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Convenient Drivers License Services

We offer 3rd Party Driver License Services for anyone in need. Our process is simple and our team is ready. This page will go into detail about what you need to know and if any documents or paperwork are needed to complete the process. Here is a list of our Drivers License Services.

  • Original Driver License
  • Duplicate Driver License
  • Driver License Update
  • Driver License Reinstatement

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Original Driver License

You can acquire a drivers license by applying for one through your local MVD or third-party location that is verified to do so. This application process requires specific documentation to make the process smooth, quick, and accessible. These documents include:

  • Proof of Identity (Bills, SSC, ID)
  • Proof of Address (Bills, Mail)
  • Proof of driving history or classes

Duplicate Driver License

If you have already earned a drivers license but have lost or misplaced it you can apply for a duplicate or new one. This renewal with most likely cost a fee and will take some time. Plus, you will have to bring documentation or have the information handy to have this process go by quickly. This process can be done online or in person and requires you to have your name, address, license number, and possibly SSN.

Driver License Update

Arizona law allows all residents to update their change of address and name within 10 days of the change to the MVD. You can do this online through their website or by contacting them over the phone. Address changes are free, but if you want a new driver’s license that shows the change, there will be a fee.

Driver License Reinstatement

If your license was revoked, meaning it removed your privilege to drive, you can apply to reinstate your license after certain requirements have been met. Once you have met these requirements, paid the fee, and filed an application for reinstatement, your application will be reviewed to determine your eligibility to reinstate.

Driver License FAQ’s

1Stop seeks to help you, our client and customer, with any needed process or service regarding Driver’s licenses or IDs. We want to offer you the quickest and most efficient process possible when it comes to acquiring an ID or Driver License. Due to this, we have an FAQ page to answer any questions you may have about these processes and what you need, so be sure to check that page! If you can’t find the answers there, feel free to contact your local 1Stop location through visitation or call, and our trained representative will assist you in the best way they can.

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