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We offer driver-written tests and road testing at 8 locations throughout the valley. Feel free to set an appointment or simply stop by.

  • Instruction Drivers Permit Written Test
  • Driver License Written Test
  • Road Test
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Driver’s Permit/Instruction Permit/Learners Permit

In order to receive a learner’s/driver’s permit you will need to complete an application and pass a written and visual test at any one of our 8 locations. You will also need to bring supporting documents.

Instruction permits are for those who are under the legal driving age, thus they cannot operate a vehicle alone. You can acquire an instruction permit once you are 15 years and 6 months old. These permits are good for 1 year. You must have a legal driver over the age of 21 with you in the vehicle while you operate it. This process not only helps a driver learn how to drive but gets them ready and knowledgeable to take the final written and physical driving test for the acquisition of a license. When visiting our location to acquire an instruction permit proper documentation will need to be filled out and signed by the permit holder and a parent or legal guardian who will be taking responsibility for the permit holder.

Written test

Each of our locations offers the driver’s license written test. It is a multiple-choice 30-question test on a computer. This test is primarily for those who need to acquire a driver’s license and is not currently licensed within another state. If you are currently licensed within a different state, Arizona does not require you to take their state exam unless the driver’s license is expired by more than a year. If you need to renew your license, regardless of your prior license being from Arizona or not, you will not need to take a state test. However, you will have to pay a fee for admission to the test and for acquiring your license.

English and Spanish testing available.

Road/Driving Test

The Road/Driving Test is available at all 10 of our 3rd Party MVD Locations. Each has a qualified team to guide you during the experience. You will do a 3 Point Turn Test and the road test which consists of driving around our location on active streets and has been pre-plotted out by our trained professionals and examiners. This test is for those that have passed the written exam, but still, need to pass the driving test to acquire their license. If you pass the 3 Point Turn Test and fail the driving on active streets test you may not be required to take the 3 Point Turn Test again. If you have a current driver’s license and are already licensed in another state or are renewing your license you are not required to take this test.

Motorcycle Written Test

The state of Arizona requires you to pass a separate test for your motorcycle if you wish to operate one on the streets and highways of Arizona. We offer a Motorcycle Written Test at all 1 Stop 3rd Party MVD/DMV locations to help you acquire a license worthy of driving a motorcycle. There is also a driving course that comes with the written test. A motorcycle with 100cc or less gets a J restriction while one above 100cc has no restrictions, this is for safety purposes. There is a written test that will be conducted for the motorcycle portion, and a separate for the normal driving portion, you have three attempts to pass this test within the given 12-month period. We do not offer a Motorcycle Driving Test only the written test.

English and Spanish test available.

Driver/Road Test FAQ’s

If you seek to acquire your driver’s license or need to take a road test, our 1Stop locations can help you by giving you the resources possible. For questions, please check the FAQ section to see if they haven’t already been answered. In case you can’t find answers to your questions, you can always contact your local 1Stop location, in which a representative would be happy to assist you by getting you the information you need.

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