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Save Time With Our Fleet Service

Anyone, business or personal, with more than 1 vehicle can benefit from our Fleet Services. 

There’s no doubt that managing your fleet of vehicles can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. Many organizations find themselves missing schedules and specific dates because they simply forgot to get them taken care of. You have to consider renewals, registrations, and processing on a constant basis, it may seem. However, with a bit of help, you may be able to have all of this completed for you in no time.

We may be able to help you with a wide range of your fleet management needs. If you are a business or individual that operates two or more vehicles in the state, we are able to create a Fleet account for you, saving you time and frustration. At 1 Stop MVD, we aim to make the entire process of managing your fleet as easy as possible by helping you to get the necessary services completed right at our locations. These services include:

  • Registration Renewal
  • Add Vehicle
  • Remove Vehicle
  • Lost Plates
  • Lost Registration
  • Apportion Registration
  • Apportion Plates
  • Cab Card Registration

We offer our Fleet Services at our Glendale and Anthem Locations.

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Fleet Registration Service

Completing the registration for your fleet of vehicles one at a time takes too long and sets you up for problems. We can help speed this up by ensuring all of your vehicle registration can happen at the same time, so you do not have to spend too many hours figuring out the details. Depending on the situation, we can register your vehicles through commercial vehicle registration processes. There may be a fee for this service, depending on the type and size of your fleet. You will need to make payment for your fleet registration each year, as required by the state, based on the type of vehicle and if you are using it for commercial purposes.

Fleet Tags and Plates

If you have a fleet of vehicles, you know that you need to get plates and necessary tags with registration. We can handle that work for you as well through our fleet service. Plates and tags can be acquired through a 3rd Party MVD like 1 Stop Motor Vehicle Services. If you would like to get the process done quickly, we encourage you to stop by to see us. The benefit of a fleet service like this is that all vehicles are renewed at a single time instead of having to deal with month-to-month potential expirations. You have the ability to use two expirations for larger fleets, too.

Fleet Title Services

All vehicles on the roadway need to meet specific title requirements. If you need to transfer the title from one party to another, you can do that at the MVD or allow 1Stop to help you with the process. If you operate your fleet across state lines, you may also need to consider IFTA requirements. When you turn to 1 Stop MVD for this type of service, we can ensure it is done properly and within the timelines necessary to keep your fleet on the road without limitations. Take a closer look at how 1 Stop MVD can make it easier for you to manage your fleet needs.

Motor Vehicle Service FAQ’s

If you have questions call (602) 688-8540 or visit our Glendale location on 51st avenue and Cactus Road.

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