3rd Party DMV / MVD  Service FAQ’s

General MVD Motor Vehicle Services Questions

Visit one of our six 3rd Party MVD locations, and we will issue a temporary driver’s license or ID paper copy until you receive a permanent card in the mail.

To obtain a regular ID you will need to visit one of our six 3rd Party DMV Services locations and bring a birth certificate or current passport and your social security number card. These items are required to verify who you are. The process is quick and easy.

To obtain a regular ID, you will need to visit one of our six 3rd Party DMV Services locations and bring three things. A current passport or birth certificate, your social security number card, and two forms of address proof. These two proof of address forms will need to show your current address and your name.

There are five requirements needed for the application process of getting a drivers’ license and four requirements for IDs. You must be 16 years of age. You will complete a drivers’ license or identification card application from AZdot.gov. You will be required to provide proof of residency and presence. You will also be required to provide proof of identification. The last requirement for a drivers’ license is to pass the vision, written, and driving tests. We provide a practice written test.

Yes. To assure a smooth and ideal experience, we ask that you contact the 1 Stop, which offers road tests nearest to you for a road test appointment. Please keep in mind that we only are processing road tests until 4:30 pm.

We offer a “Three Point Turn Test” and a “Parallel Parking Test”.

The “Three Point Turn Test” can be taken at our Glendale 3rd Party MVD services location at 5036 West Cactus Rd, Glendale, Arizona 85304. The major crossroads are 51ST Avenue and Cactus Road.

The “Parallel Parking Test” can be taken at four of our 3rd Party MVD Services locations.

  1. 940 North Alma School Rd, STE 105, Chandler, Arizona 85224. The crossroads are Alma School Road and Ray Road
  2. 1501 North 16th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85006. The crossroads are 16th St and Mcdowell Road.
  3. 4385 W. Bell Rd Glendale, Arizona 85308. The crossroads are 43rd Avenue and Bell Road.
  4. 11249 W Buckeye Rd. Avondale, Arizona 85323. The crossroads are 113TH Avenue and Buckeye Road.

When it comes to the requirements for reinstating a drivers’ license, each case is a little bit different. It also depends highly on the violation, which suspended the drivers’ license. Visit or call your nearest 1 Stop location for details on the reinstatement requirements.

We have 6 locations that offer 3rd Party MVD driver’s license services and are open every Saturday from 9 am – 6 pm. All of our locations are closed on Sunday.

To get the title in your name, you must have the vehicle title and your driver’s license or ID. You will also need a passed emissions test if applicable to your vehicle. There may be additional paperwork that will be needed so you should call or swing by to see how we can best help.

To renew your vehicle registration, you will only need your driver’s license or ID because you are the registered owner. If you’re in a situation where the vehicle isn’t registered in your name, you will be required to bring in the renewal notice or you will need to have the same address as the current registered owner and last name.

Yes. If you have lost or have had your license plate stolen, you can quickly get a new temporary license plate by visiting one of our 1 Stop 3rd Party MVD stores. After the paperwork is completed and finalized, you will receive a new metal plate in the mail. We will send the new license plate to the address we have on file.

No. At our location, and after the paperwork is complete, you will receive a temporary registration that you will carry in your vehicle. The original registration paper you keep in your car and the tag you put on your license plate will come in the mail up to 14 days later. It is generally much sooner than 14 days.

You will want to visit this link (azdeq.gov/welcome-adeq) which is the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. You can allso call them in Phoenix at his number 602-771-3950 or in Tuscan at this number 520-628-5651.

No. If you decide to move out of Arizona and register your vehicle in another state, you will not be eligible for a refund. You generally qualify for a refund when you live in Arizona and sell your vehicle before the registration expires. There are restrictions, though, depending on the length of time. Please contact one of our 1 Stop 3rd Party MVD locations and speak with a team member for clarity.

This is a very fast process that will require a few easy steps. You will need a form of identification plus the license plate number or VIN (vehicle identification number) of the vehicle the plate is registered to. The replacement license plate will be sent to you by way of mail and a mailing fee will apply plus possible postage and handling.

You can apply for a duplicate or replacement vehicle registration at any of our 3rd Party MVD service stores. Below is the process and requirements:

  1. You must have a form of identification
  2. You also need a license plate number and/or VIN (vehicle identification number) the vehicle is registered to.
  3. You will receive the new registration in the mail. (There will be a fee plus potential postage and handling)

If you believe your registration has been stolen or lost and believe someone else may be using it, you should report the issue to your local police department immediately.

Suppose your vehicle has been registered within the past five years. You can provide the VIN (vehicle identification number) or/and license plate at one of our 3rd Party MVD Motor Vehicle Service stores. In some cases, if the vehicle has not been operated on any public roadway in Arizona a waiver request can be filled out to waive the penalties if the vehicle has not been registered in the past 5 years. Additional steps may be required. Please contact our stores for more information.
Registration Penalty Fee Waiver
Registration Penalty Fee Waiver

We can provide you with three temporary permit options, each has specific uses and requirements:

  • 3-day permit
  • 30-day permit
  • 90-day permit.

Suppose you bought a vehicle from an Arizona licensed dealer, the Arizona dealer will in most cases provide you with a Temporary Registration Plate which allows you to operate your vehicle for any purpose. If the purchase of a vehicle is from a private sale, you can obtain a Restricted Use 3-Day Permit. This is only valid for use when driving for an emissions test, vehicle inspection, certain repairs that may be needed to pass the emissions test or comply with emission rules and inspection or to fully complete the registration process. You must fully complete the registration process before using the vehicle for any other purpose than the one listed above. You can only recieve three Restricted Use 3-Day Permits for the same vehicle in a 12 month period.

A few issues may cause this, such as no insurance on file, owing money to the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD), or other problems. Make sure the VIN (vehicle identification number) on your vehicle matches your insurance and registration documents. If your insurance document has the wrong VIN, you should contact them and have them resubmit the correct information. Contact or visit one of our 3rd Party Motor Vehicle Services stores for specific records or information needed.

An Arizona 30-Day General Use Permit or 30-Day General Use Registration allows an unregistered vehicle to be legally driven on the road for a period of 30 days. You may only acquire one 30-Day permit in a 12 month period. Depending on your needs, you may want to consider other temporary permits. These other temporary permits and registrations will also have restrictions and are issued for specific reasons.

No, we do not provide watercraft registration or boat registration. All of these types of registrations fall under the Arizona Game and Fish Department. You can visit their website for watercraft registration information, rules, regulations, and watercraft education.

Arizona Game and Fish Department Boating Information

You will need to have the title in hand and your driver’s license or ID. You will also need to have passed the emissions test if necessary. There may also be additional paperwork needed depending on your situation and vehicle. You must apply for a vehicle title within 15 days of the purchase of the vehicle according to Arizona state law. If you have any questions please visit or call one of our 3rd Party DMV Motor Vehicle Service stores.

Follow these steps to transfer a vehicle title successfully:

  1. Complete a title and registration application
  2. You need a signed and notarized vehicle title
  3. Provide Lien release is necessary
  4. Pay all fees
  5. Provide other documents that may be needed depending on your situation such as original power of attorney, etc.

If you are an out-of-state resident wanting to register a vehicle in Arizona
follow the below steps:

  1. Completed and signed Title and Registration application
  2. You will need an emissions compliance form
  3. A Level 1 Vehicle Inspection (if missing out-of-state title and/or registration)
  4. An out-of-state title and license plates,
  5. A possible lien clearance when necessary
  6. Payment of all fees.

If your Arizona car title has been lost, damaged, or has become illegible, you can apply easily for an Arizona duplicate title. You must be the apparent owner of the vehicle, plus all information on the vehicle title must stay the same, such as legal status, owner’s name, lienholder, and other detailed vehicle information. The only content you can change is the address. If you would like to begin the process, you can complete a duplicate title and registration Application. You must also hand in your current title if it is damaged, mutilated, or illegible. Visit one of our 3rd Party MVD Service stores to complete the entire process today! It is a fast, easy process!

Duplicate title and registration Application

You will need to visit one of our six 3rd Party MVD Service stores and get a vehicle inspection. We will then explain the rest of the process as each situation is different. You can call one of our Team Members and explain your particular situation for more information and details.

If the vehicle is currently registered, the steps are the exact same as a title transfer:
Follow these steps to transfer a vehicle title successfully:

  1. Complete a title and registration application
  2. You need a signed and notarized vehicle title
  3. Provide Lien release is necessary
  4. Pay all fees
  5. Provide other documents that may be needed depending on your situation such as original power of attorney, etc.

If there happens to be a lien on the vehicle and it is not paid off, you must have written permission from the current lien holder or lender to add or delete a name on the title.

Follow the steps below to add or delete a lien on your vehicle title:

  1. You must complete a title application, including the lien section information.
  2. You must submit the application with the most current title plus provide the original lien release from the current lienholder/lender (if needed)
  3. With step 2, you must include a full description of the vehicle, including year, make, and VIN (vehicle identification number). The correct date the lien was paid and a proper notation or stamp that shows the lien is paid completely.

When the ownership of a vehicle has 2 or more names, the “AND/OR” box on the title application will determine whose signature will be needed to sell the vehicle or other actions needed.

“OR” Legal Status on a Title

This means the ownership is equally independent and either of the owners can fully authorize a title transfer to a new owner. In other words, only one owner’s signature is needed, both owner signatures are not required. It is also referred to as a joint tenancy. Either can also record loan information and authorize any changes to the license plate and fees. An example of “or” on a title will look like this SAM ROCK OR LISA THIMS. If you are starting with a new title and would like this legal status, each owner will need to sign in the legal status section.

“AND” Legal Status on a Title

This means the ownership is combined and both owner signatures are needed to transfer ownership to another party, edit license plates and fees, or record loan information. In other words, both owners need to be present. It is also referred to as a tenancy in common. An example of “and” on a title will look like this SAM ROCK AND LISA THIMS. If this legal status is present on a title and one owner is deceased, it is required that the deceased party’s interest is handled by probate action or non-probate affidavit completion.

“AND/OR” Legal Status on a Title

This ownership is also a joint tenancy and each owner has survivorship rights. This means that with proof of death the surviving owner can sign alone. If both owners are living then both need to be present to transfer ownership, record loan information, or process license plates and fees. An example of “AND/OR” on a title will look like this SAM ROCK AND/OR LISA THIMS.

3rd Party MVD / DMV Service FAQ Suggestions

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