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When you buy a vehicle, Arizona law requires that you apply for a title within 15 days of purchase or a penalty may be assessed.

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  • Vehicle and Driver Records
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  • Level 1 Inspections
  • Off-Highway Vehicle Decals
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  • Trucking IRP/IFTA Title Services
  • Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO)

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Title Transfers

You can get a title transfer at any 1 Stop MVD location. It is a fast and easy process. To ensure you do not incur a penalty for your transfer, the title transfer must be processed within 15 days of the purchase or change. If coming from out of state you must be a current resident of Arizona in order to get your title transferred to Arizona.

Here is what is needed:

  • Complete a title and registration application
  • The signed vehicle title
  • Other documents that may apply: Power of attorney (original or certified copy), personal representative papers, etc.

If the title/vehicle has a lien on it and is not been paid off, you must bring written permission from the lender or lien holder in order to delete or add a name.

Duplicate Titles

If you have misplaced or lost the original title that you received when you acquired full ownership of your vehicle, you can request a duplicate replacement for your title. All titles are held within our electronic database unless a physical copy is requested by the owner. If you need a physical copy of your vehicle’s title, you can request it at any of our locations.

Salvage titles

When a vehicle has been utterly or mostly destroyed, to the point where they are deemed unfit to be on roads, they are given a Salvage title in place of their original title. Salvage titles can be granted when vehicles are stolen, incur damage fit to wreckage or destroyed, water damage, or damage deeming it unrepairable. If you would like to get a salvage title you will need to apply for an Arizona Salvage Certificate at any of our 1 Stop MVD locations. Please call or visit to confirm any other documents you will need to bring.

Restored Salvage Titles

A restored salvage title is earned when a previously damaged or destroyed vehicle has been deemed salvaged, with its title going from a standard title to a salvage title that has been repaired or reconstructed. This occurs when damage has been too great, it has been stolen or otherwise deemed unfit for driving, or unworthy of the state’s roads. In order for you to turn your salvage title into a restored salvage title, you must restore and rebuild the wrecked vehicle into a working vehicle possible of driving and able to handle the roads. Once this has happened and is the vehicle is deemed ‘road worthy’ a Restored Salvage title will be granted.

The restored salvage title is similar to the standard title, just showing proof that it has been rebuilt from its previous damages but is in working condition. To find out more about restored salvage titles, or for information regarding how to go about this process, contact us here at 1 Stop MVD!

Vehicle and Driver Records

If you need the documents covering your vehicle and driver records, you can request these by visiting our nearest location. These documents hold statements about everything that has happened to your vehicle, and the record of your driving history regarding accidents or tickets.

The MVD requires you to have “permissible use” to request these documents, while third parties like us just need to know the reason you wish to inquire about these documents to see if you are fit to acquire them. Regardless of which service you pick, you will need to have a reason for requesting it. Contact us here at 1 Stop MVD to see what reasons are applicable, and how we can assist you with getting possession of these documents.

Bonded Title Applications

Sometimes you do not have enough proof and evidence to show true ownership of the mobile home, trailer, motorcycle or vehicle in your possession to earn the title of said vehicle. In this case, you would need to request a bonded title that will show previous ownership, lienholders, or any subsequent purchaser of the vehicle or mobile home in question. This is a long and often confusing process for many, but don’t worry as we here at 1 Stop MVD are here to help you. Bonded titles come at a fee that is one and one-half times the value of the asset in question.

Certain documents are required along with the fee to apply for a bonded title. To save your time, and multiple processes, call or visit us to see what is needed, and how we can help you with acquiring a bonded title to show your ownership of the vehicle.

Level 1 Inspections

Certain vehicles will require an inspection, known as a Level 1 Inspection, that is for bonded titles or out-of-state and non-registered vehicles. Commonly, all vehicles on the road or seen driving that are valid for the road have passed this inspection and have been verified correctly. This inspection can be conducted at any 1 Stop MVD location.

Off-Highway Vehicle Decals

Any vehicle that wishes to go off improved terrain such as leaving roads and going onto grassland, regardless of private or public property, must acquire an Off-Highway Vehicle Decal also known as an OHV sticker. This applies to any vehicle, regardless if it a work truck or a normal car that goes off-road. A vehicle that requires an OHV must not exceed over 2,500 lbs and must be in legal documentation. Otherwise, it cannot be deemed fit for an OHV. This OHV is required for all public state trust lands and private property lands. You can acquire an OHV sticker from any of our MVD locations.

Abandon Vehicles

A vehicle or trailer that has been left on private property, public property, stolen, lost, unclaimed, or abandoned will be deemed by Arizona law to be an Abandoned Vehicle. To file for a vehicle or trailer under the pretense of Abandoned, you must have proof that it has been stolen or abandoned. You must then request for a law enforcement officer to remove the vehicle from the public trust property or individual private property. Once that has occurred, the state of Arizona will conduct the process of deeming it abandoned.

If you have any questions regarding how to go about dealing with an abandoned vehicle or vehicle you think is abandoned, contact us today! We will do our best to advise you on this subject and what other remedies may be possible. We can even handle contacting law enforcement for you.

Trucking IRP/IFTA Title Services

Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO)

We can provide you with your vehicle’s MCO (Manufacturer Certificate of Origin). Please visit any of our 8 locations today!

Notary Public

We can provide you with a notary at any of our 8 locations. It is a fast easy process.

Vehicle Registration FAQ’s

At 1Stop, our goal is to provide you with all the resources and abilities possible to get your vehicle registered or any other registration needs for your vehicle. If you have any questions, check the FAQ to see if they haven’t already been answered. If you can’t find answers to the questions you are looking for, feel free to contact or visit our locations to see how we can assist you with all your motorcycle, trailer and vehicle registration needs.

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