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Vehicle Registration covers many different types of automobiles and other street-legal vehicles, with a motor and without. If it has wheels we can register it even off-road vehicles.

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  • 30-day Temporary Permits
  • 90-day Temporary Permits

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License Plates and Tags

Getting your License Plates and Tags for a car, vehicle or trailer you own in Arizona is a requirement. To get these legal requirements, your vehicle must pass a state inspection. For this inspection, you should also have these documents ready:

  • Vehicles Title (If you own it)
  • Proof of legal insurance
  • Completed title and registration application

With these documents in hand and ready, you can head to any local MVD, or third-party location to get the state inspection done. Here at 1Stop, we offer an easy and frictionless process of getting your vehicle inspected in hopes of passing the state test.

Once your vehicle has passed the inspection and you need to file for your plates and tags, we will help you take care of ordering and acquiring your plates and tags, we can even have them shipped to your home or our location depending on requirement!

Lost License Plates

Under Arizona law, for any vehicle to be considered legal and out on the road or highway and to be drivable, the vehicle must have its plates and tags displayed on the vehicle. Thus, if you happen to lose or misplace your license plate, or if it gets stolen, you are required to order a new license plate as soon as possible. This process requires you to have proof of your identity and vehicle information handy and with a fee of $5.

Here at 1Stop, you can get your plates or tags ordered through us, regardless of the circumstance or how they got lost. We won’t ask questions, all you have to do is bring your vehicle information, your ID / Driver’s License, and the cost of the fee. Once that has all been acquired, we will order the plates for you, and they should arrive within a week or two. We will notify you when they arrive!

Personalized License Plate and Specialty License Plate

The state of Arizona allows you to display a personalized license plate or specialty license plate that is unique to you on your vehicle. The requirement for your custom license plate is that it remains legible and displays your license plate. The design or style of the plate can be edited and altered through an MVD or third-party location when ordering your license plate. All the offered edits and customizations are legal and clearly show an example of the requirements, meaning if it is ordered through the MVD or us here at 1 Stop Title Loans and Motor Vehicle Services, it is legal to use. All fees must be paid in full when vehicle registration expires regardless of when plates are purchased.

If you wish to learn full details about customized license plate options visit or call the store nearest to you to inquire more details about this process. We would love to help you order your new specialty license plate!

Disability Plates and Disability Placards

By Arizona law, a disability parking spot is reserved for persons labeled disabled. Thus to park in the marked spaces the vehicle must have a clear declaration that it is under the ownership of a disabled person. One way of doing so is through a Disability Plate and/or Disability Placard. Disability Plates show and mark on the license plate that the owner has a disability. The Disability Placard is hung in the vehicle on the windshield or rearview mirror in clear sight for a law enforcement officer to see. The person with a disability must be the driver or a passenger in the vehicle when the disability parking space is used. Disability plates can only be displayed on a specific vehicle registered or leased by the person with the disability.

To get your disability plate, look at the customization options we offer here at 1Stop. We are sure to offer one to suit your need for a license plate to allow you this right. If you have trouble finding this, try calling our store or seeking help in-store, as we would love to assist you in any way possible.

Sold Notices

Anytime you sell, trade, or donate your vehicle in Arizona, you have up to 10 days to update the database with a ‘Sold Notice’. This is an Arizona law, is it is up to the MVD to keep track and records of who the vehicle is owned by and where the vehicle is currently residing. Not updating this can place a penalty on the owner of the vehicle for not keeping it updated properly. This penalty would be placed on both the new owner and previous owner as it is the responsibility of both parties to keep track of and records the vehicle’s movement.

We offer this sold notice update through our system here at 1Stop either online or in-store, it is a free process that comes at no cost to you, as it is a state requirement to keep this data up to date. If our system isn’t working, you can try contacting us via call, email, store visitation, or go to to take care of this process.

3-day Permit

For a fee of $1, any MVD or third-party location can offer you a 3-Day permit that allows you the operate the vehicle for three days. This is usually used to get certain documents or testing to allow the vehicle to pass a full registration inspection or acquire legal registration. The purpose of the 3-day permit is to allow the driver to get an:

  • Emissions Test
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Apply for a title or registration
  • Vehicle repair to comply with required testing.

If you need a 3-day permit, you can apply for one here at 1Stop! We offer it for the same fee as any other location, with a quick and easy process that can be done both online or in-store. If you have any questions about what documents you may need, or how the process works, feel free to call the store closest to you!

30-day Permit

For a fee of $15, a person can gain access to a 30-Day permit to grant the ability to operate an unregistered, or suspended vehicle for up to 30 days.  This is often given to a person who needs to drive the vehicle to fix certain parts of the vehicle in order to pass a state inspection of the vehicle or pass the emissions test. While it is highly suggested to get these things finished as soon as possible, the state of Arizona understands that it can sometimes take an extended amount of time.

If you would like to acquire a 30-Day permit, seek our online resources on how to get one for your vehicle! Here at 1Stop, we want to give you the best service possible and help you at every chance we get. If you have any further questions, give us a call or head to your local 1Stop location.

90-day Permit

Able to be purchased for a fee of $15 at any MVD or third-party location, such as 1Stop, is a 90-Day permit. This 90-Day permit is similar to a 30-Day permit, in which it grants the user the ability to operate an unregistered, uninsured, or title less vehicle. This is often used for people who need to acquire the title or insurance of a vehicle in order to get it completely registered within the state’s laws and requirements. It could be used for other testing, inspections, or otherwise, which may be theorized to take and a longer amount of time than normal.

To find out more about getting a 90-Day permit for your vehicle in the case of needing to get documents, inspections, or any other miscellaneous task, view our online process on applying for this permit. You could also visit any local 1Stop store to help you acquire information about getting a 90-Day permit as soon as possible.

License Plate and Permit FAQ’s

1Stop seeks to provide you with all the resources and abilities possible to acquire your license plates and permits needed for driving legally in the state of Arizona. If you have any questions, check the FAQ to see if they haven’t already been answered. If you can’t find answers to the questions you are looking for, seek assistance at any of our local 1Stop stores, as any 1Stop representative would help you in any way possible.

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