Save Money At The Pump

Great Ideas To Save You Money At The Gas Pump

Let’s face it, most people do not put a lot of thought into filling up a tank of gas these days. You have likely seen a recent decrease in your gas bill due to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. But things are now on the up and up. More people are getting back to work and you are probably at the gas pumps a little more often than you were a few months ago. If you are looking for some extra ways to pinch some pennies, you might be in luck. Here are some big money mistakes you could be making at the gas pump. Making these minor adjustments may save money at the pump.

You Could Be Filling Up On The Wrong Day Of The Week

Believe it or not, you could be spending more money at the gas pump if you are not filling up on the best day of the week. Many people wait until payday, which is typically Friday to fill up. Or maybe you are heading out of town for a little getaway and that is why you are filling up on Friday. Either way, Friday tends to be a pricier day to fill up your gas tank. Pick Monday whenever possible because prices tend to drop after the weekend.

Paying With A Debit Or Credit Card

Paying with a debit or credit card could be costing you more at the pump. Some service stations offer discounts for customers that pay with cash. In some cases saving .05-.10 per gallon. When trying to save at the pump, those pennies could add up!

You May Be Using The Wrong Credit Card

Using a credit card for your fuel could be a great idea if you are disciplined to pay it off each month. The other side of the coin is that you might not be using the correct credit card. There are certain credit cards like Sam’s Club Mastercard and Costco Anywhere Visa that have some awesome cashback deals when you use the card for gas purchases. Some cards start off at 2% and others offer as much as 5% cashback.

Start Scoring Extra Fuel Points To Save Money At The Pump

If you are not scoring extra fuel points through a loyalty program, you may be missing out big time. Especially if you tend to use the same gas station, you should be seriously scoping out fuel points for your next fill-up. For example, at Fry’s grocery store you can earn anywhere from 10 to 50 cents off a gallon when you do your grocery shopping in their store. Earn points and save big at the pump. Your wallet will thank you later.

You May Be Using The Wrong Fuel

Your vehicle comes with a specific fuel recommendation straight from the manufacturer. Simply look in your owner’s manual to discover which fuel type is recommended for your vehicle. If your vehicle does not require premium fuel, then it is a waste to load that into your gas tank. There is no benefit for you, your vehicle, or your pocketbook in this situation.

Stop Shopping At The Gas Station

It could be that you are feeling a little snacky or you forgot a few things on your grocery list from last week, but shopping at your local station is another way to drain your wallet. If you haven’t noticed, gas stations tend to jack up the price of nearly everything they sell. It is best to avoid doing much of any shopping at the gas station unless it’s for those ice-cold 99 cent fountain drinks.

Vehicle Maintenance

Your car is a total package. This means that even if you do all the right stuff at the gas pump, you still could be burning bucks by not having your car run at optimum levels. For example, you should always be checking tire pressure and keeping those wheels pumped up. Additionally, you want to be sure the oil is regularly changed, the fluids are topped off and anything mechanically is always taken care of quickly.

Final Thoughts

There are definitely some easy ways you can pinch some pennies at the gas pump. By choosing the right method of payment, scoring some fuel points, and making sure your car is always in tip-top shape, you are sure to save some cash. A few things might need to turn into habits in order to ensure long-term success, but it is possible to save at the gas pump. If your low on gas money and need a quick loan view our personal cash loans.