Intoxalock Ignition Interlock Device

What Is An Ignition Interlock Device?

An ignition interlock device (or IID) is a breathalyzer installed in a vehicle that prevents driving under the influence of alcohol by disabling the vehicle if the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is above the state-mandated threshold. An ignition interlock device is often a requirement after a drunk driving conviction. It’s not an uncommon device, but many people don’t know much about them until they are required to use them. It requires a person to blow into the device before they are able to start the car

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How does an ignition interlock device work?

All ignition interlock devices available work in basically the same manner. A hand-held breathalyzer device is installed into the ignition component of the vehicle. A person gets in the vehicle and blows into the device. As long as they have a clean breath sample, they are able to start their car. If not, the car doesn’t start. The device is wired into the ignition system and placed on the dashboard.

Do I need an ignition interlock device?

The use of an ignition interlock device may be a requirement for some people. Arizona law requires that a person have a device like this installed after having their driver’s license suspended due to a drunk driving offense. If you have been issued a requirement like this in a court of law, it is best to comply with it to avoid potential other consequences including the loss of your license.

Why Choose 1 Stop and Intoxalock?

Very Easy to Use

You have several options for an ignition interlock device, but there are some outstanding reasons to invest in Intoxalock. The device itself is an industry-leading solution. It is easy to use and very accurate. That means it is unlikely to fail or provide an inaccurate reading. As long as you are not using alcohol, this device will work for you like a charm. You just blow into the device and use the one-step tool to get results. It is that easy!

24/7 + 365 Day Support

It is not likely that you will have a problem using the device. In fact, it is one of the most accurate options you’ll find. However, if you need help with any part of the process, we’re here for you. You’ll get support 365 days a week 24-hours a day. There is no reason to worry about the device or your access to your vehicle!

Convenient Locations

We offer many locations that are just a few minutes away from most people in the Phoenix Valley. That means you can easily stop in and get the help you need in a matter of minutes. Why waste your day waiting around? You can get all of the support you need quickly.

Meets State IID Requirements

The services provided by us and Intoxalock are the right choices to use. That’s because we work with the State of Arizona to ensure that these devices meet all compliance requirements. That’s good news for you – you can easily use our services and not worry about the complications.

Intoxalock state specialists

If you are forced to use an ignition interlock device, you want to know it meets the state’s requirements. You can count on this with us. As a partner in the process, we can educate you on state device laws and regulations as they apply in your situation.

Driving without an interlock

Don’t put yourself at risk. If you are required to use one of these devices, it doesn’t have to get in the way of you living your life. Let us show you just how easy and effortless the process can be.

How to install an ignition interlock device

We can handle that for you, too! Installation is a flat fee for the service. Once you learn of the need for this device, reach out to our team. We’ll schedule the installation and have it in place for you immediately. There’s nothing to worry about with this process!

Installation and Lease Cost

It’s best to give us a call to get accurate pricing. The make and model of your car are needed to do this. There are also some additional questions we need to have your answer. It costs between $70 and $150 in most cases for the installation of the device. This is a one-time fee you will pay to have the installation done. Then, the daily cost of using this device is about $3 per day each month.

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The Free Install offer is a $100 rebate credit toward the cost of device installation (install cost is paid to the service center; we will reimburse the client via account credit up to $100).

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