How To Budget Better

Top expenses to shed from your 2019 budget

This year, you can take a look at your expenses and find things that are not too crazy to cut out.

  1. Duplicate clothing
    It’s so easy to do. You see a shirt that fits perfectly in all the right places, so naturally you have to buy all five of them in different colors. Well, in 2019, these duplicate clothing purchases can be put to a stop. You will likely gravitate to the one color that caught your eye in the first place instead of the style, so go with one instead of 5.
  2. Disposable products
    Paper plates, plastic utensils and straws all add up over time if you keep on purchasing them over and over again. Disposable paper and plastic products can serve a great need, but they do not need to become part of everyday use.

Over time, reusable and washable products will save you more money. Start by using hand towels instead of paper towels. Oh and of course, it is better for the environment as well.

  1. Ok, give up the coffee
    The experts are right, specialty coffee drink purchases are expensive and can quickly put a huge gash in your budget. So are other daily purchases like fast food, convenience store snacks, etc.Of course, the cheapest way to enjoy a cup of coffee is to brew it yourself. One way to reduce what you spend is to at least reduce your coffee purchases by half. If you buy 4 coffee drinks a week, make it goal to get two or less, until you’re down to the bare minimum (like only buying them when your coffee machine breaks).
  2. Utilities
    Your utility bill might be a place where you can shed some weight with regard to your budget. There are plenty of ways you can use less energy and spend less on it too. Here are just a few examples:

    1. Get a programmable thermostat: Take advantage of technology and find a programmable thermostat that will learn your routine, and use less energy when you are not in your home. One of the more advanced programmable thermostats on the market is called Nest. While it might cost you a little money upfront, it more than makes up for it in the long run.
    2. Change your lightbulbs: You should update your light bulbs to CFLs or LEDs. These types of bulbs are 4 times more energy efficient and will last a lot longer too.
    3. Unplug everything in use: This could seem tedious, but if you use power strips and timers, you can cut down on phantom power to items not being used.
  3. Coupon induced spending
    Yes, couponing can be a great skill to have and a way to save a ton of money at the grocery store. However, many people end up buying things they don’t need or will not use just because they have a coupon. You will need to coupon like a pro to make it work in 2019.
  4. Cable bill
    After all, it is 2019, so it is likely you are paying for high-speed internet in your home, correct? It has become very popular to drop the cable bill and switch to streaming TV, movies, and shows online. If you get with the times, you will get with reducing your monthly bills.

Bottom Line
There might only be one or two items on this list that you are even able to try out, but that is just the first goal. Try to shed these expenses from your 2019 budget. Try to save more and spend less on things that really just don’t make sense for you. Each little step can get you closer to your goals of financial freedom and success.